Frank’s ability to navigate is hampered by sleep

And so, the long j0urney south began almost immediately after breakfast and Steve from Number 11’s seven mile run up then downhill. For reasons known only to Frank, he decided he was sitting in the front seat. According to the ‘rules’ whoever sits beside the driver has to navigate. So, impossibly, Frank became the navigator.

Then, this happened.

We had to get to Boreham Wood in time to see the Aldershot game so there was a lot of M1 before it started getting a bit complicated. This was when Frank started to get confused. He was rather slow on his warnings. Like the exit from the M1. He suddenly came to life and said we needed to take the exit just as the exit lanes were running out. Nicktor managed to escape across four lanes, narrowly avoiding a woman talking on her phone. Then, as we drove along the exit Frank helpfully said “Actually, we could have kept going.

A little later he yelled out “TURN LEFT NOW!” only to then say, “Actually, no, it’s the next left.” Nicktor sighed and turned the car around and left the car park he’d been navigated into.

Then, inexplicably, Frank started navigating by saying “Don’t turn left at the next roundabout“, or “Don’t go straight across the next roundabout“, or, “Don’t turn right here.

I think he was still asleep.

Still, somehow we managed to arrive at the football ground with enough time to walk to a pub called the Wishing Well for a swift couple of pints before the game. While the Wishing Well was a bit limited in its choice of…anything really. It did, however, have one advantage over the other pub in Boreham Wood. It wasn’t Wetherspoons.

And the Wishing Well does have a rather attractive stained glass ceiling.

To be fair to the Wishing Well, if you don’t mind limited choice, don’t prefer real ale and settle for cider instead of gluten free anything including food, then you’d be fine.

Then we had the long walk back to the ground where Heather had been waiting to welcome the chaps as they arrived, the way she always does.

Once inside, we made our way around to the stand because my legs were a bit achey. I told Nicktor he could stand up and didn’t have to worry about me but, being Nicktor, he wouldn’t hear of it. This, of course, meant that Frank and Steve from Number 11 also sat down for the game.

Surprisingly, Frank stayed awake. Mind you, judging from this photo, Nicktor may have goosed him awake just beforehand.

Now, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the game. There was very little passing, the ball spent the vast majority of time in the air. There were a number of extraordinary saves by both keepers (the best by ours) but, over all, the game was frustrating.

Another thing I didn’t like was the way the supporters abused the match officials.

I never like this. Okay, they may make mistakes but show me someone who claims to have never made a mistake at work before and I’ll show you a liar. If you do make a mistake at work, everyone in the office doesn’t suddenly turn around and hurl abuse at you. It’s ridiculous that officials are treated so badly.

I don’t say anything about talking about them down the pub afterwards or even talking to the person beside you about a poor decision but this need to spew vitriol at them from a few feet away is vile. I hate it. I can only wonder how the officials feel.

I guess football fans have little time for empathy.

I felt it was very sad.

Still, moving right along…the game was littered with narky bits and pieces between players, with Kinsella for the Shots being a bit more aggressive than he really needed to be.

As it turned out, there was very little in the game with both teams as good (or as bad) as each other. It was a battle of the goalies, really. And, unfortunately, our goalie missed one and Boreham Wood won 1-0. But all was not lost because I managed to add another ground to my meagre total.

Finally, following the full time whistle, we headed back to the car and the final leg of our journey.

It was long, it was tiring, but it was an excellent few days away. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Nicktor, Me, Frank, Heather at the back, Steve from #11 and Adie – photo by Nicktor
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