Andrew and glasses

Freya finished her season last week just after Emma started hers. Last time they were at the same time. This overlap is annoying. Effectively, a season lasts almost twice as long as it should.

While this ‘double season’ affects us, it tends to impact the girls more. During their season, it’s easier to keep them at home and running around the garden rather than taking them out in the wide world were male dogs are waiting to pounce.

Today, Mirinda took Freya for a walk and left Emma with me. The poor thing was very confused. She refused to come outside and help me in the garden. She laid down on one of the stairs inside, facing the front door, wondering why Mirinda had forsaken her.

That was late in the day. I’d spent the morning in Starbucks having a lively discussion with Andrew. We were accused of laughing and giggling in an evil way by both Jade and Sue. It was our second planned coffee meet up and was marvellous. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I heard all about his dad, who was an amazing sign writer back in the days when signs were painted by hand. I also heard about his many and varied chauffeuring jobs. He’s had a very interesting life. Well, the bits I’ve heard about, anyway.

We had another 2.5 hour chat, sharing our lives like two old men on a park bench in Italy.

Mid-chat, I had a call from the optician to say my glasses were ready. Afterwards I went and collected them. The world was instantly improved.

Watching the TV has started becoming difficult. This is mostly because we watch programmes with subtitles but also because things just look a bit blurry without my glasses. With the old ones, I was starting to feel a bit odd, having to squint or look sideways at the screen.

Tonight, with the new glasses, everything is so much better. Thank you, Suki Bains.

Prick of the Week

Leaving Waitrose and heading along Long Garden Walk, I came across this Prick parked across the dropped kerb.

This is the easiest and best place to cross Castle Street for anyone with wheels. Be it me with my trolley or someone with a stroller or anyone in a wheelchair. To get from the path down to the road, not having access to this means a long haul either up or down the street, looking for and alternative places.

I find this the height of inconsiderate behaviour. It’s as if no-one else in the world exists but the driver of this van. Clearly a prick of high degree.

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