Thanking God for everything

The Tokyo Olympics are on at the moment. Delayed from last year because of the plague, they have finally been all over the news and somewhere on the telly. I’m not that interested but each day I hear the reports on the World Service and, pick up bits and pieces on Twitter.

One such ‘bit’ was a tweet concerning American hurdler, Kendra Harrison and how her silver medal was because of the glory of god. A lot of sporty types generally do give credit to god rather than hard work and effort but, in Kendra’s case, I wonder why he only gave her second? Surely, if god really did love her, she’d have won the race.

I guess poor Kendra will need to pray harder next time she’s in church.

God, it would seem, prefers Sydney McLaughlin because he had her take gold in the 400m hurdles. Straight after the race, a microphone shoved in her face, an effervescent McLaughlin thanked god above everyone else who had a hand in her win.

I do find it odd when athletes work themselves super hard for years and years in an effort to be the best in the world – literally – then, having run the race of their life, decide it was all down to a non-existent entity.

And no-one ever blames god when they come last. Are they forever asking god why he has forsaken them? Do they resort to greater prayer length or louder singing?

Still, as I said, I’m not that interested. Rather than Olympic religious observance, I was working in the garden.

Yesterday, Mirinda was working in the Candy Bed (the one outside my office) but, before she planted the plants we’d bought at the garden centre on Sunday, I had to knock in a few metal sheets because the rats are still around.

This is very annoying because I thought we’d be rid of them after nine months of no bird food. But no, that bastard god has seen fit to keep them around.

I was sitting in my office the other day and a movement caught my eye. A rat slid up the onto the raised section in the photo above, gave me the finger and leisurely wandered across to the fence and popped into the Crazies’ place.

Looking at the Candy Bed, I spotted a new rat hole. And it was this I had to plug up with a metal sheet. I do this every time a new hole appears.

Of course, I thanked god for giving me the ability to work with metal.

We finished the day with Chinese leaf tacos: the lo-carb version.

I was going to buy a taco spice mix packet until I read the ingredients. Too much sugar and too many chemicals for my liking. I searched for and found an excellent recipe and I made my own. It was excellent. I’m fairly certain it was because of my prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexican spices.

Of course, I had to make the Chez Gaz guacamole, of which Mirinda is extremely fond.

And, naturally, I thanked god for giving me the ability to make excellent guacamole.

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