One handed typing

You really notice it when you lose the use of something you take for granted! For instance, I decided to take the dogs for a walk today (not just to ease their boredom) but I had to keep them on the lead. You may ask “why” and I would answer “FSI“. But not the FSI, per se. The fact is, I’d not be able to wash them afterwards. And I really do not want to think about how I’d dry them. Even so, it’s not that easy to pick up Carmen’s poo one handed either.

The dogs, of course, were completely confused. Not unhappy, just confused. They looked at me beseechingly every time we saw a squirrel or they fancied chasing a crow. I apologised and tried to explain but they soon forgot it and moved on to the next thing that interested them.

Actually, I’ve felt a bit better today due, I think, to the fact that I managed to get a few strung together hours of sleep. Previous nights have consisted of an hour asleep followed by a few minutes readjusting my arm to ease the discomfort & pain. And repeated throughout the night. But last night I was more comfortable for longer periods and, therefore, I managed more sleep.

Also, having read a bit about my injury, I have elevated the arm for longer periods of time. This, apparently reduces any swelling. Which reminds me…I rarely remove my wedding ring so it was a bit of a shock when the doctor had me take it off immediately, saying the swelling may precipitate removal of the finger instead. I am now wearing it on my right hand and it feels a bit weird. My left hand doesn’t care because it feels weirder.

According to the doctor I saw at the hospital, I have a suspected Colles fracture which is not good. I will find out on Thursday whether I’ll need an operation or not. I’m hoping not…obviously.

Mind you, this may not be the case. I have been contacted by the hospital to say Thursday may not be required and the hand surgeon will see me in two weeks to see how it’s going! This does not fill me with confidence. The woman I spoke to is getting hold of the surgeon & then getting back to me so, who knows.

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2 Responses to One handed typing

  1. Mirinda says:

    I can’t believe u managed to type all that! Poor m8e. Nothing to do but watch die hard.

  2. mum cook says:

    How you did all that typing beats me, Hope they know what they’re talking about you don’t want your hand the wrong way round for the rest of your life. The surgeon has not even seen it.
    love mum

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