Quiet here in Farnham

It’s odd how some days, nothing substantive happens. I mean I could ramble on about everything that did happen today but it would be tiny scattered bits and pieces and would not really flow as a narrative. For instance:

  • Mirinda’s sister was going to ring this morning but didn’t.
  • I went shopping up to Farnham and bought food for dinner.
  • I had a coffee in Starbucks.
  • A book, which I ordered the other day, arrived in the post this morning.
  • We took the puppies for a long walk around the park, which they enjoyed.
  • We had pork for tea.

…and the list could so easily go on. Like I said, nothing substantive happened today. Apart from the fact that Chelsea beat Cardiff to go through to the next round of the FA Cup. And Aldershot beat Northampton 3-0! Ok, I’ll stop right there because things just don’t get any better than that!

Oh, I took a couple of photos last Wednesday so I reckon this is a good time to put one up. It’s of Leadenhall market.

Leadenhall Market, London
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2 Responses to Quiet here in Farnham

  1. claire says:

    The entrance to Leadenhall market is very impressive and inviting.Great photo.Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Yes a good photo Gary Charles but like the other one best.
    Whoppee we just got a gold medel for snow boarding our girl T. Bright. Love mum

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