Queue for the weekend meat

Things have changed a lot down at the butchers since the advent of the new summer hours. Not only are they closed on Monday, but there are now queues first thing on a Friday. Also, rather than just the one butcher lady, there is now a full staff of four.

I arrived at my usual 10:55, ready for the 11am opening and this is what I found.

Not that it was very long to queue. The four staff members managed to get to me quite quickly. Of course, it might always be like this on a Friday. Perhaps everyone wants to get their weekend meat.

On midsummer eve last weekend, I mentioned to Camilla and Anders that I bought meat from here and they both told me that the meat is exceptionally good. And expensive. Obviously, I raved about the pork chops.

And the day was quite warm. A bit too warm to be standing outside in direct sun but at least I was wearing a hat. I felt a bit sorry for anyone without one. I do wonder why people don’t wear hats in the sun. They protect their feet. They wouldn’t think of standing in a car park, queuing for a butcher without wearing shoes. But when it comes to their heads, nothing.

Still, that’s their problem. I waited in my personal shade until called forth to be served by a very jolly chap.

You wouldn’t be from Downunder by any chance?” he asked, a big smile on his face as he wrapped my chops.

How did you know?

The accent gave you away!

This is the second time this has happened. He said it was because he watched Australian TV programs and is used to the sound. I can never pick foreign language accents. It is clearly a highly specialised skill.

Back at the house, I had no sooner put the shopping away and fed the girls, than Mirinda suggested we go to Norrby’s for lunch. It’s not as if I was going to say no.

There were so many cars, we had to park in the overflow car park. I was a bit worried we’d not get a seat but, I figured, if the outside tables were all full, there’s always inside. Not that it’s particularly appealing this time of year. All the glass and the tree growing in the middle of the room creates a bit of localised greenhouse effect.

We weren’t reduced to suffering inside. We sat at a shady table just behind a couple with two toy poodles.

The garden at Norrby’s has changed so much since those dark, wintry days back in December. There’s been so many flowers putting in an appearance. Now the roses are blooming all over the place.

The garden works really well in the heat, throwing shade and capturing any errant, welcome breezes. The ideal place for a sudden summer lunch.

Norrby’s is just one more place I’m going to miss when we leave.

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