Justifiable homicide

Following the bareness of the winter months, when the garden was little more than twigs and logs for the fire, the arrival of spring and the push towards summer, has woken up a few flowers. It makes a huge difference.

Just outside the living room window, overlooked by Mirinda’s desk, there’s a little group of white aquilegias, commonly called white bonnets. They have just sprung up out of nowhere.

In contrast to this tiny group, almost the entire right-hand side of the garden is covered in lily of the valley. The scent on a warm day is delightful. Apparently, it’s one of Mirinda’s favourite flowers. That just goes to show that you can still learn things about each other after 30 years of marriage.

At the bottom of the stairs, leading down from the side terrace, a line of poppies appeared. We were wondering what colour they’d be. And if they’d be different or all the same.

They are all the same, a lovely sherbet yellow.

These are yellow wood poppies. They are native to Canada and the northern parts of the US, so I can only assume these were planted at some stage and have just spread. They are quite hardy and have no problem managing the below freezing winters. They are a very joyful colour.

Then, the other morning, I was sitting writing up my blog when, out of the window, I noticed a couple of bits of purple beyond the tree. It’s a big old rhododendron. The flowers bunched up like a bride’s bouquet.

And this morning, the weather being hot and sunny, I thought it would be perfect to just sit in the garden, under the shade of a convenient shrub and work. Then, of course, that dream was shattered and I was sent scurrying back inside.

It was the bastard next door with the chainsaw. I do have to wonder why the Swedish enjoy having a builder’s yard in an expensive, residential area. We love living here, but there’s no way we’d buy this house, because of the neighbours. Such a shame.

Of course, he would stop after about 15 minutes in order to, I imagine, organise whatever it was he was cutting up. There would then be a general opening up of doors and windows only to close everything up again once he recommenced. It was like that all day. Makes it very difficult to work from home when Chainsaw Man is doing the same thing.

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