A dry day at Espresso House

I think last night marked the beginning of the party season here in Vendelsö. Schools are breaking up and mid-summer is rapidly approaching. The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up. So, of course, there was a very noisy pool party directly across the road from us.

Unfortunately, the music was shit, otherwise we might have enjoyed it as well. Still, it ended before midnight and the normally silent world returned. This afternoon, Mirinda noticed preparations for other parties starting to appear around the neighbourhood. I guess there’ll be more shit music to keep us awake coming up.

For us, though, it was more about Max getting a service. I found a Mini service centre in Tyresö and have been emailing Veronica there to organise one. This morning I took one of Max’s keys into her to be analysed.

It meant leaving the bus one stop earlier than I normally would, when heading for Tyresö Centrum, and walking a bit. Which was fine except it meant that I didn’t know what was going on at the bus station.

The first I heard that there was a problem was from Norah at Espresso House. She drew my attention to a hand written sign on the counter. Obviously I coudn’t read it which was why she told me what it said.

There was no water. A burst main had meant that around 60% of the shops in the centre were without water. This meant, specifically for Espresso House, that there’d be no coffee made. I was devastated. Then Norah offered me a couple of iced lattes instead. And, I have to say, they were very nice.

Norah then had to go down to the bore and haul up a bucket of water from the well.

When I left for home I saw the mud all over the bus station.

And the mud didn’t stop there. The floor of the bus I caught was covered in it as well. Every foot, every wheel, spreading it everywhere. Someone was going to have a fine old time with a pressure hose at the end of the day.

The mud, however, was the least of the problems with the buses today. The two I caught were full of school holiday kids. Flashback to Exhibition Road in South Kensington at half term. Never pleasant.

It always makes me feel that kids should be kept in some sort of isolation until they know how to properly behave among adults. This could also help the few adults who don’t know how to behave among adults.

Which nicely leads on to…

Prick of the Week

Here’s a bit of very weird parking.

It would appear that this car is about to enter a car space directly in front of it. Except there’s no driver. And no-one anywhere who could be the driver. Maybe he’s invisible. I don’t know, but he’s happily blocking the car park.

And, another prick today…

The British prime minister chartered a jet to take him from London to Cornwall today for the G7 meeting. A large part of the meeting is concerned with climate change and what the nations of the world can do about it. How about catching trains? Would that help?

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