When Emma was scared

It was a very big day for the girls today. Their hair has been getting worse and worse. I have been snipping away, reducing some tangle but, basically, they needed some extreme hair removal. The kind of thing Kate used to do every ten weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, I booked them into a snipper at the pet shop in Tyresö Centrum. And today was the day.

First thing, though, Mirinda took them both for a walk in the rain. Yes, it was still raining. Off and on. Which is what punctuated the day with next door. Rain, chainsaw, rain, chainsaw, etc. Had me praying for more rain.

Though it wasn’t raining when I left with the girls.

Originally, Mirinda was going to drive us all then we were going to have lunch but work encroached, meaning I had to take the girls on the bus.

Emma didn’t like the bus. Freya headed for the space under the seat I was sitting on and just sat down, but Emma sat and shook with fear. I patted, stroked and talked to her, which helped, but she seriously didn’t like it. I don’t know if it was the noises or the movement or what. She was very relieved when we arrived at our stop.

She wasn’t too keen when I handed her over to the clipper but it happened so quickly she didn’t have much time to react. I then went to Espresso House for a coffee and a read.

There was a bit of confusion with the clipper. She told me to return at 4:30 when they’d be ready. I dropped them off at 1:30. I thought that was a bit long, and she said that about an hour each was right. I asked if it was going to take one hour each, and she said yes. I said I’d see her at around 3:30 then. As Mirinda said, numbers are very difficult.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to repeat the journey on the bus. Mirinda joined me, and we had lunch at the café she likes in the centre.

Eventually, excited and shivering, the puppies were ready. I thought they looked lovely, while Mirinda thought their hair was too short, though Mirinda always thinks their hair is too short. Still, we both agreed they felt like velvet.

According to the clipper, both of them were perfectly behaved and even helped her by offering their paws. I wonder why they don’t help me like that when I have to clean the mud off them. All I get is avoidance and a pointless attempt to escape through the corner of the shower stall. Nice to know they are helpful with strangers, though.

Back at home, the pair of them spent an unreasonable amount of time in sympathy gathering shivering. As Sue said on Instagram, Emma did not look delighted.

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