The true cost of a lovely day

Today was a Bank Holiday in the UK and, given Mirinda is still working in the UK, we had the day off. Well, not really me because I did my usual shop and visit to the butcher. Come to think of it, I was pretty much the same in the UK. Except when we went to the Surrey County Show which, in any normal year, we would be at today.

So, yes I went shopping while Mirinda wrote then Skyped. We then went to the island for a lovely, leisurely brunch.

We had a lovely, long chat with Evelyn. She was working in the kitchen today and had a bit of a break because of a lack of customers wanting cooked food. She told us about the Midsummer Festivities that go on at Tyresö Slott. If it goes ahead, we really want to go.

When we returned home, I couldn’t find anything about it. I did find others that have been cancelled and the big one, at Skansen, isn’t having the May pole or the frog dancing so that’s off the list. One of the main reasons to go to the Midsummer Celebrations is for the frog dancing. At the very least.

It might still happen so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Back at home, Mirinda took the girls for an early evening forest walk while I realised how much I’d over done it for the last couple of days. The walking had done for me. My right knee and thigh are sorely testing me. I find it difficult to walk painlessly. I thought it was getting better. It was a trick.

Here’s some green to make me feel a bit better.

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