The old clip, edit and record

Today I was preparing and editing this week’s edition of the Talking Newspaper when I came across a story in the sports section of the paper. It was about a goalkeeper and his miraculous saving abilities. It was accompanied by a number of photographs that looked somewhat familiar. In style rather than content. I wondered if the writer and photographer were the same.

I wrote to the journalist and asked, given there was no credit for the photographs. And, I was correct in my assumption. Text and photographs were both by the same person.

While it won’t exactly win a Pulitzer Prize, it’s a notch above most of the local sports reports I usually read. I guess having written two books about Aldershot Town Football Club, Nick Cansfield should know how to write. He’s had enough practice, anyway.

I’ve often mentioned Nicktor during FATN recordings. It has mostly been in connection with the two of us going to see The Shots. Or when he’s had photos in the paper. Given the plague, I haven’t been able to for over a year so this edition will make a pleasant return to the old days. Sort of.

From next month, we are returning to the old clip, edit and record of the old days, so I was on a pretty tight schedule to finish the clippings asap. The idea is to have the stuff ready to record by 14:30. I think I made it.

I had to have a Zoom call with a solicitor at midday, regarding the Septic Deed for the cottage, so that put me a bit behind, then there was a bit of confusion over who was reading with me this week, but, had we been recording today, I think it would have been fine.

Ann and Susan gave it a trial run last week and said they managed, so I’m sure it’ll all be fine when it comes down to it.

I spent a bit of time fine tuning my latest Letter from Sweden. This month’s is about the rocks we see all over the place. Like this one:

I took the photo above during our constitutional before dinner.

The evening was glorious. Again. Pretty much like the entire day.

As we walked around the neighbourhood, we saw a lot of people outside, enjoying their gardens. Kids playing and being generally full of playful noise. Spring is definitely here.

That was my day, pretty much. Apart from a bit of time spent throwing a tennis ball for the indefatigable Emma.

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