When the hare came to visit

The Cansfields have a new puppy. He’s called Hector, he’s a Border Terrier and he’s very cute. Dawn sent me a photo today. I’ve been looking forward to seeing their new house and now there’s even more reason to visit them.

Speaking of small dogs, Freya did something odd and hilarious today.

Both of the dogs instantly react excitedly when you ask them “Do you wanna…” You don’t have to finish the question because they assume it’s going to end in a walk. And, to be fair, it usually does.

Anyway, today, Mirinda said “Do you wanna…” and Emma did her usual excited pattering around, tail wagging, hardly able to contain her excitement dance around the rug. Freya, though, changed her tack and decided to bash Emma about the head with her paws. Mirinda asked twice, just to make sure. Freya didn’t disappoint. I really wish we’d managed to video it. It was hilarious.

It was like those videos you see of cats bashing each other around the face. Almost like a boxing hare but small and ineffectual. At least it had no effect on Emma.

And, speaking of hares, there was one in the back garden today for a few hours. Mirinda, sat at her desk, working, caught sight of it sitting and chilling outside. It was unconcerned about anything. Mind you, the weather was pretty grim, so there wasn’t any cats about.

Though I have no idea if cats go for hares. They look too big to me and I feel that a swift left hook from a hare would send the cat packing.

Anyway, as I said, the day was a bit grim, though it only drizzled rather than make the effort to actually rain.

There was no sitting outside today. In fact, apart from taking the rubbish out, I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t even get to go on the regular constitutional. Mirinda had her Town Hall today and I needed extra time to cook dinner, so she took the girls around the block while I slaved away over the hob.

My day was punctuated by various household tasks in between whole sentences of DSR (Dead Soldier Research). I spent a lot of time trying to track down Catholics from Kingston-on-Thames, not always with any results.

A lot of Belgian refugees settled in Kingston at the start of WWI and, when the time came to erect a memorial plaque in the local Roman Catholic church, they just gave them names of people who served and, possibly, died but had never been to Kingston let alone been part of the congregation. Most of these ‘names of friends’ as I call them, prove impossible to find. Which means their records on the SGW site are sadly bare. Take a look at poor Alexandre Lockem to see what I mean.

So, that was a bit frustrating. Mind you, I also found lots of information about various other soldiers which made up for it. Though, some, like William Welply Fagan, are included on the memorial plaque for no reason other than they served in the army at some stage prior to the Great War. Still, at least there are screeds of information about Mr Fagan.

Finally, dinner was a success. It was only Courgetti Spaghetti Bolognaise but, when you actually take the time to cook your bolognaise sauce for at least an hour, it makes a huge difference to the taste.

It was remarkably lush tonight. And it does not contain any hare.

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