Closed up petals

Both our phones predicted rain and snow for today. Both our phones were half right. The rain didn’t stop all day. The sunshine and warmth were relegated to mere memories as the rain fell and chill winds blew. And when I say ‘chill’ I mean barely reaching 3°.

My walk to the bus stop was not particularly picturesque. Unless you’re a duck, I suppose.

Speaking of the wind, it was a great relief coming home with a full trolley. At the start, I had a hard time keeping the empty trolley from blowing away. Mind you, it was a bit of a trade off because, having a heavy, full trolley means a slower walk home.

I was almost home, slowly dragging the shopping behind me when I heard a woman talking on her phone coming up behind me. I’m often amazed at how people can keep up a phone conversation for longer than about five minutes and this one went well beyond that.

It wasn’t until she drew level with me that I realised it was my wife having, what she calls, a Walk ‘n Talk with Sarah at work. Apparently, the dogs had realised it was me from quite the distance and Mirinda had had to hold them back as they strained against the lead to reach me.

Walk ‘n Talk over, it then transitioned into a speaker call in the living room cum office while I unpacked the shopping. Then, Mirinda having rung off, we headed up to Norrby’s for our usual Wednesday lunch.

While the chairs and tables remained outside, they were unoccupied. There was a necessary shift to inside by everyone. It was definitely preferable to having rain drips diluting the fisksoppa.

I noticed, walking home, that the little white anemones have all closed up, like little umbrellas. I guess they’ll now just wait for the return of the sun to spread their petals once more.

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