Another pleasant Sunday

Today we found our own, local rune stone. After seeing our first one last week at Skansen, and Tommy telling us of the ones near them, I did a bit of a search and discovered there was one at Tyresö Slott. And, given we’ve been going there almost every weekend since we arrived in Sweden, we thought it only proper that we find it.

As you can see, Emma was overjoyed about it.

Translated into English, the runes read ‘Gunnbjôrn had raised … may help (his) spirit better than …‘ Gunnbjôrn is not that common a Swedish Viking name. According to a baby names meaning website I found, it’s a boy’s name and means ‘fighting bear’.

Here’s a close up of the runes, so you can read them for yourself.

As for location, it sits behind the Pilgrim Centre just beyond the church at Tyresö. I wonder if it’s merely a coincidence that it’s also on the edge of the cemetery.

Of course, we’d been to the Café Notholmen where we’d had the usual extremely pleasant brunch and chat with Evelyn who asked about our Bridges of Stockholm tour. She was a bit more convinced about it when we explained it was not about the bridges apart from going under them. I did say she should go, so she could tell us if the Swedish commentary was as funny as the English.

The park at Tyresö looked beautiful. I said to Mirinda that it was amazing to have seen it through the closing stages of Autumn then all through Winter and now in Spring. In all seasons, it has looked beautiful.

As the photograph above shows, it was a gorgeous day and a pleasure to walk around.

While we were going anyway, we had to vacate the house today, because Camilla wanted to show around a prospective buyer. Mirinda had been wondering about coming back here but, I guess, that’ll not be possible if she sells it. Camilla has assured us that we are safe for as long as we want to stay. Which is very handy.

Given we were having visitors, sort of, I spent the morning tidying up while Mirinda took the girls to the woods then Skyped with Bob. Fi was not available today.

Then, later in the day, just before bed, we watched the next episode of Vikings. Obviously.

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