Today, 75 years ago, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was born. Unlike QEII, today is his actual birthday. The reason QEII has a made up birthday is because her actual birthday (April 21) is considered too cold for a parade. King Carl’s birthday is April 30 and it gets colder here but I guess that just proves that the Swedes are a lot hardier than the Brits.

Of course, last year, and now this one, there was no parade here because of the plague so, King Carl had a quiet celebration. We raised our glasses to him as, I’m sure, did many Swedes tonight. I even made a special Greek dinner. Not that that had anything to do with the King.

I’d decided at the beginning of the week to try making the legendary mousaka; the dish that takes me almost four hours; Mirinda’s favourite.

Because I forgot to turn the oven on and because I didn’t buy a baking dish, it didn’t work as well as it usually does. Though, to be fair, Mirinda did have seconds and, to quote her “I wasn’t even hungry!” So, I guess it wasn’t THAT bad.

For my part, it felt like I’d wasted almost four hours. I could have done a rush job in about an hour, and it would have tasted the same. Funnily enough, whenever we ask each other what we miss about Farnham, my top answer is always, “My kitchen.

Still, I did discover two new stickers this morning, so that’s something, I guess.

First up is this big gorilla.

We hate Gnaget, We hate Bajen!” is what the big, fanged gorilla is singing. Gnaget is another name for AIK as Bajen is another one for Hammerby (HIF). I think that the gorilla represents Djurgården. AIK, Hammerby and Djurgården are all Stockholm teams in the top flight of Swedish football. I guess it’s like Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs in London.

The second sticker is not about football.

Not Enough is a Swedish record label that seems to just produce punk albums. They like the same kind of music that Nicktor does. Which makes me think I wouldn’t like more than a few isolated tracks. Their website is here.

And that was it for this Walpurgis Day and Night. Or, as they say in Sweden, Valborgsmässoafton.

Oh, and happy birthday, King Carl, from a couple of New Swedes.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    That’s not a very consensus oriented Swedish gorilla

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