A tiny, joyful sign of Spring

Mirinda had an exhausting day full of conference attendance and meetings today. It was one of those badly organised days when someone, somewhere decided it was a good thing to put things too close together. I, of course, just had to keep quiet while in the house. So, it was a good thing that I vac’d the stairs first thing.

I bought a small hand held vacuum cleaner online which arrived yesterday. I bought it primarily for Max because the girls were gradually filling the back seat with sand. What I hadn’t realised was that the front footwells were filling up with grit. It was like the Dolomites down there.

Little hills spread around the pedals, sharp edged ridges across the top of the mats, loose scatterings of scree covering everywhere else. It was like the remains of a retreating glacier.

Well, the little hand held vacuum cleaner worked a treat. With both sand and grit. I soon had Max looking more like a car and less like a disused quarry. As opposed to the builder’s yard next door where the hills of dirt are becoming mountains. They will soon block out the sun and, much better, block out the builder’s yard next door.

Weatherwise, it was the perfect day. Sunshine and blue sky. In fact, it was the perfect day to sit out on the terrace with a cup of coffee and throw the tennis ball for Emma to bring back in order for it to be thrown again. Which, essentially, is a description of Emma’s perfect day.

The ground around the house is gradually becoming a carpet of little white flowers. You can almost see them in this photograph. To the right and flowing, like a stream, across the slight green rise.

I think they’re some sort of anemone but, then, what I know about flowers could fit in a thimble which has already been filled with sand. What I do know is they are definitely a joyful sign of Spring.

The flowers don’t seem to concern Emma as she charges across them and, to be fair, the flowers don’t seem to be that bothered by Emma. Though they look small and delicate, they are actually quite hardy.

While not chasing the ball, except when she can annoy Emma, Freya had her usual, and very important, great explorations of the garden. Sniffing out whatever it is she sniffs out and chasing pesky squirrels.

Not that she did that very often. She also spent a lot of time sitting on my lap. She really is a comfort dog first and an explorer second.

And, to top off a lovely day, I made my first creamy pepper sauce to go with two lovely steaks from the butcher, for dinner. The sauce was declared a success. The steaks were, as usual, superb.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The white wood anemones are a famous sign of spring here but there are also vivid blue skillas and now more and more bulbs

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