When Max went full circle

As most people who know me would tell you, I’m not a big Apple fan. I don’t like the closed environment and the lack of user control. However, today I was very surprised when I heard on the news that the newest operating system update for Apple has Facebook in a bit if a tizz.

The problem for Facebook is that this new update contains code which reduces the amount of personal information that Facebook can obtain from users. This is because Apple believes too much personal information is being exploited while Facebook defends the need by saying it allows better ad targetting.

Once updated, your iPhone or iPad will ask if you want an app to access your information. While I realise that most people will just say ‘yeah, sure, I don’t care‘ as they give away what little of their lives is still private and help feed the AI which will one day rule us all, I feel this is certainly a step in the right direction and I have nothing but praise for Apple. And that’s something I never thought I’d ever write.

In the meanwhilst, here in Sweden, we went full circle. Back in early December, and in compliance with Swedish law, we ordered and had fitted four winter tyres on Max. And, today, we had them changed back to our old ones.

The same guy, Micke, served us and we had a jolly chat about the weather and how expert he is at predicting the possibility of snow. He has one customer who comes in every winter and asks him when the snow will start. This was because the first time he came in he asked and Micke answered that there’d be about 30 centimetres of snow the next day then nothing for a week then a lot of snow to about half a metre.

Of course, Micke was half joking, however, it happened exactly as he predicted and now the customer always asks him for weather advice.

Sadly, though, because of the plague, Micke wasn’t able to go skiing this year. He usually goes to Austria every year but, for the last two years, has had to make do with cross country rather than down hill.

In a reversal of last December, Max was driven onto the ramps, raised and unshod. He was then reshod with his old boots. It was all very painless and, actually, quite pleasant. For us as well as for Max.

His winter tyres will now remain in the tyre hotel until they are needed again, when winter returns. Micke showed us the ‘hotel’ and one of the fitters told us that Max’s winter tyres were right up high in one of the stacks. Mirinda asked if they ever get the locations mixed up. Micke grew sombre, nodding his head. “Then we have to go along and look at every tyre number until we find the right one. It is not good.

While I’m on the subject of going full circle, I noted yesterday that a sticker on a street side cabinet which, inexplicably displayed what appeared to be a smiling sperm drinking a glass of beer has now been hidden by a new sticker, this time one depicting a man with a cigar.

Putte Kock (1901-1979) played football, ice hockey and bridge. He was very good at all three. He played football with Allmänna Idrottsklubben commonly known as AIK. Then, once his playing career was over, he started coaching Djurgårdens IF Fotbollsförening or DIF. DIF and AIK were strong rivals. Like Aldershot and Woking, I assume.

Given we seem to have a few DIF fans in the vicinity, following the blitzkrieg of DIF stickers a while ago, I can only assume these same fans stuck this one on the cabinet.

This could be because DIF Ladies are playing AIK Ladies next Sunday.

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