Tiny, pointless snow flakes

Tonight, we had dinner at Toscanini to celebrate the first New Swede Day, a national celebration we’ve just invented. Mirinda even suggested there should be a bun for it. Saffron and blueberry perhaps. Saffron for the yellow and blueberries for the blue. A flag in food in the same way as the caprese salad I had to start dinner.

We took a selfie which Mirinda sent to Eva, suggesting the new national day, and she agreed completely.

And, given it was a celebration meal, I decided to indulge in a few carbs and have pasta for a change. I found the avocado and shrimp intriguing. Unfortunately, it was a bit bland. I should have gone for the carbonara, a personal favourite. Still, you have to try new things, don’t you?

The thing we love most about Toscanini is the fact that they always recognise us. I guess there’s not a lot of Australians in Tyresö. Oh, and of course, the food. Particularly the tiramisu. They make a brilliant tiramisu.

We then finished the day watching the final episode of Kärlek och anarki (Love & Anarchy). Throughout this brilliant series we’ve been trying to spot any recognisable landmarks given it’s based in Stockholm. It wasn’t until the final scene in the final episode that we saw it.

Sofia and Max are on the roof of the publishing house and the camera pulls away, going up. The roofs are soon in view and the camera goes even higher. Mirinda suddenly said “That’s the red church!” And, of course, she was right. It was just around the other side of the church; where we’d been walking, only last Sunday.

My wife is very good at recognising familiar people and places, even on Swedish TV. For a start, she immediately recognised Ida Engvoll who plays Sofie, as Martin’s girlfriend, Therese in Bonus Family.

As for me, I provide archaeological and historical insight when we watch Vikings. And mistakes. I’m pretty good at picking mistakes.

Of course, being a Friday, I went up to Hemköp to resupply the larder. And, following yesterday’s ghastly weather, it had returned to Spring though a bit chilly in the wind. I was back to wearing a fleece.

Then, as I left the bus to start the long climb back to the house, a massive black cloud appeared above me, and it started to snow. Tiny, pointless snowflakes to be fair, and they stopped as I reached the front door, but it was snow.

By the time this strange little snow storm ended, the sky was once more blue and the sun was once more warming things up. It was very odd.

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