Two New Swedes

After countless days of springtime sun, today it snowed. In fact, the day was wet and gloomy and cold. A return to towelling down the dogs after every trip outside. All round, a not very nice day. Mind you, it was nice to see the snow again.

The snow was mostly light, barely visible most of the time and then heavy for brief periods. It would then change to rain. The day was ghastly, pretty much.

Still, it couldn’t dampen our spirits because, after three months of waiting and hoping and making plans for emergency evacuation, we received our letters granting us Swedish residency today. After that, the weather could do anything it wanted to.

Mirinda sent Eva a Signal message alerting her to the fact that there are now two new New Swedes in the country. It was Eva who told us all about the New Swede thing. She was delighted for us.

Obviously, April 22 will now be a Celebration Day.

We are planning to go somewhere nice for dinner but, in the meanwhilst, here’s a couple of delicious, Swedish cardamom buns.

It was a very happy house today.

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