An excellent imitation of Davros

This evening, as Mirinda brought in the cushions from the terrace, we realised we’d lost Freya. Emma was following Mirinda around, hoping for some stick throwing action, as usual. Clearly she’s not so much obedient as obsessed. But Freya was nowhere to be found.

Mirinda went up the back and round the house, calling. I whistled and called, but there was no sight of her at all.

There’s no fence around the house, and she does rather like to explore. Generally she’s not that far away but this evening she had just vanished.

Finally, I was out the front, looking up and down the road and calling her. In the distant woods I could hear Mirinda doing the same. Then, suddenly, there was Freya. Standing at the open front door wondering what the fuss was about.

Now we can’t be sure but history tells us that Freya does rather like sleeping on the bed. Generally she prefers it if there’s a human there as well, but it’s not a deal breaker for her. Our assumption is that she was upstairs fast asleep and didn’t hear us yelling and yahoo-ing for her.

Obviously she didn’t get in trouble – she did eventually come when I called her – but we kept an eye on her later when she had to go out to the loo before bed.

Personally I think she does it to get away from Emma for a bit of respite. Emma does rather make walks on the lead all about her and poor Freya suffers with being pulled hither and thither. Though, when we go on the Duck Walk, she does get to scamper over the rocks down by the lake.

The day, as you can see from the above photograph, was as beautiful as they have all been recently. I reckon it’s making it up following the dismal, sun-free December we had. Mind you, according to Mirinda’s phone, it’s supposed to snow on Thursday. Unlikely.

I was busy most of the day, preparing both dinner and for recording the monthly FATN magazine. The recording was an absolute cack with Ann in top form. It’s always such a pleasure to work with her.

Mind you, the session wasn’t without its problems. My laptop decided to chuck a wobbly at one stage, turning Charles’ voice into an excellent imitation of Davros. Eventually I had to reboot and reconnect. Then all was well. Until Charles accidentally disconnected Clive who just kept reading without knowing he was no longer being recorded.

Still, the rest of it went very well though it did go on longer than usual. Which was why, just after midday, I prepared and put in the oven my casserole for tonight. As I sat upstairs, recording, I could smell the deliciousness bubbling away in the oven and wafting up.

Another perfect Swedish Spring day? Given we managed to find Freya, I would have to say, YES. Yes it was.

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