Swingling flax

Burton Bradstock was well known for its skills in rope making, once upon a time but then along came Bridport and kicked it into touch. Things looked grim for poor little Burton Bradstock. Then it discovered a bit of flax-swingling and everything came up roses. In order to create the best swingled flax, the Grove Mill was built in 1803. More about this I do not know. On the other hand, Lorna thinks it’s the name of her solicitor.

Burton Bradstock

It is to the outskirts of this great flax-swingling village that we have come. At what was once the coast guard station, we found a very comfortable and beautifully presented self catering room, among lots of others, that reminded me of the hotel in Ballestrande but with views of the sea rather than up a fjord.

Our room has its own little entrance through a private garden room. Just outside the garden room is the garden and just in the garden is a stile which leads almost straight onto the South West Coast Path. From the windows of our room, you can see a bronze age burial mound – we climbed to the top just before the sun went down and looked at the splendid views towards Hive Beach and way out to sea. Gorgeous.

The shower looks very interesting and I can’t wait to try it. Looks a bit like a tropical rainforest without the foliage. A lovely flat screen TV and a DVD player. ‘Tis luxury!

I think we’re going to enjoy our two weeks here.

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