The Great Wall of Ice Cream

After a few set backs because of various glitches, Ingenuity finally lifted off and hovered above the surface of Mars this morning. It was the first instance of powered, controlled flight on another planet. Amazing!

Humans can be extraordinary. While we kill each other in many meaningless ways, hate for the most stupid reasons, happily destroy our own planets ecosystem for our children, we can also manage to fly a helicopter over 290 million kilometres away.

Back here on Earth (why don’t we have a cool name like Mars or Venus?) the wonderful Spring weather continues in Stockholm. Being a Monday, I headed for the butcher and thought the lake looked a delight.

Loaded up with fresh meat, I dragged my trolley up to Ica for the veg component.

The new Ica layout is coming along well. There’s really only the one corner to finish now. It was the washing, toilet paper, stationary and pet food aisles. Against the wall used to be the usual 3,000 varieties of crisps.

Now, this final bit of the shop has been cleared. In place of the crisps is a long row of upright freezer units with glass doors. Behind those glass doors is every conceivable type of ice cream. It’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Of course, once the shelves are replaced in front of it, the Great Wall will no longer be visible so this is possibly my only opportunity to drool over this Wonder of the World. Though I’m a little surprised that they didn’t push it right up into the corner. That’s just creating a big dust trap.

Back at home, I put together the reading for tomorrow’s FATN Magazine with Ann and Clive. Of course, any edition with Ann has to include at least one mistake. She sent me a page of Clive’s clippings. This was quickly solved and I had my articles successfully prepared ahead of tomorrow’s editing.

The rest of the day was the usual series of admin and housework tasks.

On the way home from the bus, I took a much better photograph of the pedestrian crossing and footpath to nowhere, at the bottom of the road. It’s rare to find hardly any traffic and no pedestrians. I’m quite pleased with this effort.

Mind you, I think Ingenuity could do a better job.

The weather continues glorious.

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