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I have been writing a Letter From Sweden now since November 5, 2020. It was Tim and Nina’s idea following the first FATN recording after we arrived in Sweden. Obviously I’ve kept all the Letters since then. Of course, as each week’s recording is put online, so my latest is erased. I thought it would be a good idea to record each one as a podcast. And today I did just that.

It took me a while. Because I was teaching myself to use both software and podcast hosting but, eventually, I had the first episode up and live. It can be heard here.

I recorded, edited and generally fiddled about while Mirinda was off in the woods with the girls. Which was a bit of a coincidence given the first Letter is about the time we managed to get ourselves lost in them.

After her walk and my hard work, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Notholmen Café.

The day was absolutely gorgeous and a lot of other people had the same idea as us.

I’ve written many times about how, regardless of the weather over the last six months, most patrons at the cafe take their meals outside. In snow and icy cold winter winds, it makes no difference. Week in, week out, we’d worry there’d be no tables inside but, apart from one week when our timing was out, we have always managed to sit out of the weather.

Today, however, we joined the hardy Swedes by sitting outside in the spring sun.

To add to the delightful day, we even saw Evelyn this week. She explained that she’s now working in the kitchen, which is why we didn’t see her last week.

We chatted with her about our holiday, and she corrected our pronunciations of just about every Swedish town we’d visited. In a very nice way, of course.

She was also concerned about Mirinda’s birthday ferry ride beneath the bridges of Stockholm tomorrow.

After a lovely – we couldn’t work out what meal it was as it was the afternoon equivalent of brunch – feed, we headed down to the dock where a few boats had started turning up. What a brilliant way to go for fika. Step into your boat and head over to Notholmen of a beautiful Saturday.

It makes a perfect day complete.

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