Beware the French pastry

It was another gorgeous day today, here in Sweden, just south of Stockholm. We mentioned it to a woman we met this evening who is going to take the girls on Sunday (a certain person’s birthday) because The Perfect Swedish Family is busy. She agreed, saying this time of year is generally beautiful.

She also said we were lucky with the winter because, the last few years, it has been very gloomy throughout with maybe two days of, barely there, snow. Not for the first time, I’m thinking Sweden really laid out the white carpet for us, especially.

But that was winter. We are now thoroughly enjoying spring. As I said to Nigel during the FATN recording session today, the sky is incredibly blue, day after day and the temperature is cold and crisp.

The recording was a bit plagued by blips and drop outs today. Charles (engineer extraordinaire) said it was just one of those days and he’d fix it up. Both Nigel and I were worried he’d have a lot of work to do to make it usable but, as it turned out, it was fine and uploaded by 6pm.

Of course, we finished recording much earlier than that. I’d forgotten to do extra shopping on Wednesday, so I had to dash up to Trollbäcken as soon as I was finished. Here’s the view from the bus stop going home.

Being an old man, I much prefer shopping in the morning, avoiding the kids just leaving school. They crowd around the crisps and sweets, blocking the aisles with their youthful giggling and chattering. As it turned out, it wasn’t that bad today, and I was in and out of Hemköp in about 20 minutes and on my way home before they arrived.

On the walk back up the hill from the bus stop, I noticed that the pedestrian crossing I mentioned the other day has been completed. And, also, I’ve worked out what it’s for.

Pedestrians tend to just walk across the roundabout here because there’s no footpath along the road to the left (and out of shot) of this photo. This small length of footpath means they can at least get across safely to this side. They still walk across the other bit where there’s no path. It will be interesting to see whether they are going to build up the ditch to add a final crossing.

When I mentioned the completion to Mirinda she said she knew because she’d used it. And, today, I saw a chap with a stroller using it. So, as Ray Kinsella almost said: Build it and they will come.

Finally, I couldn’t really avoid linking to this news story I spotted today. A brilliant bit of ace journalism from the BBC.

Mystery tree beast in Poland – BBC News

Here’s a photo of the girls this morning when I was typing up yesterday’s blog. They were obviously soothed by my rhythmic typing.


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