A hare bounced up the road

One of the things we have picked up in Sweden which we’ll be taking home with us is the double duvet. This is a genius idea. People have a duvet each on the bed. That way, there’s no hogging it by one person or one being too hot while the other gets too cold. It’s such an easy way to ensure comfort.

Naturally the duvets are singles…or, actually, a bit wider than a standard single bed. And that means two separate duvet covers. Which brings me to something odd I’ve discovered.

Normally, not having had kids, I wouldn’t wash two duvet covers at once. Here, though, obviously I do. And I have discovered something quite odd. One duvet cover always ends up inside the other one while in the drier. This causes one to be bundled up at the bottom of the other and, decidedly, not dry.

I’ve never noticed it happening with pillow slips, so why duvet covers?

Of course, if we had covers with buttons or press-studs to seal the bottom, it wouldn’t happen but the ones we found when we first arrived here are just open.

Most bizarre.

Not so bizarre was my day which I half spent preparing for tomorrow’s FATN recording.

A few weeks ago, Tony wrote to all the volunteers providing a timetable for a return to a new normal with people using the studio as well as the new remote recording. In order to achieve this, he said that the luxury of two days (one for the edit and one for the recording) was about to come to an end.

In order to return to a normal one day production schedule, it has become important to time how long things take. In the studio, we are allowed two hours to prepare and two hours to edit then we record straight after. Today my preparation took 2.5 hours. I’ll need to do better.

While I was sitting at the dining table working away, a hare bounced up the road. Very nonchalant and daring given the fact that big trucks and fast cars often zip by the house. Later on, during our constitutional, I didn’t notice a dead hare, so I’m assuming it managed to survive.

The house is at the top of the road in the photo above. The hare would have just loped down it.

The evening was decidedly lovely, even without a hare. The houses along our route were beautifully picked out by the last rays of the sun.

I really love living here.

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