Avoid the shower!

Possibly the biggest near adventure of all. Claire was having a shower in the downstairs bathroom, nursing her sore ankle. Upon completion under the water, she stepped out and felt her ankle go. Given her previous experiences with doors and locking mechanisms en Francè, she had left the door unlocked. She grabbed for the door handle to steady herself and felt it start to open. It’s an odd thing but the doors all open the wrong way in the Château du Plessis. She narrowly avoided being dumped naked and wet into the corridor. Oh, how we laughed!

Just before we left today, Elizabeth and Gil came to read the meter and charge us the extra for the power we consumed. Never let it be said that we waste an opportunity to waste a little power. We broke the record for electricity usage for the Lodge. YEAH TEAM!

News via Bob and Claire: Elizabeth and Gil have sold the château and are moving to America. They’re not sure where yet but he wants to go to Virginia while she prefers California. The cheque for the château is due to arrive in four days. Claire thinks they should avoid California.

We managed to drag them away by 11am and we set off on our drive back to Caen. It seemed warmer. It snowed a lot! The drive was uneventful if you ignore the French trout. And the trucks dropping snow on us from behind.

We stopped in Alençon for a Chinese lunch then managed to get to Caen while it was still light. Apparently, Bob’s Alençon mistress, Mary Wong, was working there. I don’t really understand this either but it was something Mirinda insisted on discussing every time we lost Bob.

Alencon, France, in snow

The car was left without a hitch (or scratch) and we grabbed a taxi for Ouistreham. Mirinda had an excellent, long French conversation with the driver and was very pleased with herself. What a clever clogs, she is.

Interestingly, the taxi driver did NOT go through the centre of Caen and the trip took a lot less time (and cost a lot less). Mmmm!

The hotel looked all very cool from the lobby and the restaurant and the lounge, but the rooms were tiny. To quote Mirinda, they have just enough room for the furniture but seemed to have forgotten about the humans. Some things never change. Last time we stayed in this town we swore it would be last time. This time will be the last time we stay in this town! On the very dim bright side, the hotel is DIRECTLY opposite the ferry terminal which is a bit of a bonus.

We went for a walk to look for possible contenders for dinner. After a coffee in the place we visited last time we tried to walk against the wind but decided it was a lost cause. Back at the hotel we booked the restaurant for 7:30.

Dinner was lovely and the wine superb. I gave the crème brulee 6/10 but feel I was being a bit generous because I was in France. In the UK I think it would be closer to 4/10! It had praline shavings in/on it which spoiled the perfection it would have had without it. After dinner, Mirinda, Bob & I went for a short post meal stroll. It was extremely cold. It was an extremely short post dinner stroll.

It should be noted that Bob lost his new hat. He wasn’t too upset as he didn’t really like it. It was a poor substitute for the German grocer’s hat. He thinks it could be in the Caen branch of the Europcar franchise. I have a feeling they probably won’t be posting it to me. Bob feels he may need another replacement for the Isle of Man given the temperatures are still falling and predictions of -10 are being bandied about with reckless abandon by weather people, intent on frightening Australian tourists.

I watched some football on Eurosport before falling into a fitful sleep.

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