Have you ever heard a roe deer bark?

Strange sounds in the night disturbed my sleep tonight. Emma, startled into full consciousness, raced downstairs to find the culprit. Freya, of course, didn’t stir. I woke momentarily to ascertain that nothing untoward had happened other than the strange barking sound coming through the bedroom window. Unusually, Mirinda didn’t wake up.

She had, however, heard the noise earlier in the day. She also spotted the culprit. I’d vaguely heard it and dismissed it as some rogue, throaty dog but, she assured me, it was a deer. A barking deer. Who knew such a thing existed?

Some investigation and we discovered that both the roe and muntjac deer bark. Muntjac prefer the temperate areas of the planet while Sweden is home to the roe.

The muntjac is a problem in the UK because it is out competing the other types of deer. A very similar situation to Japanese knotweed, signal crayfish and, of course, the grey squirrels.

We have red squirrels in the back garden. I watched one this morning eating bird seed then darting off up a tree and away across the branches. I’m fairly certain it was my first ever sighting of a red squirrel in the wild.

The red squirrel sighting set us both up nicely for the day. Mirinda left on one of her favourite walks – the three lakes walk – with two very happy puppies. I worked on dead soldiers for a while.

Then, for the first time in ages, we went to the café on the island for brunch.

Of course, most of our fellow customers were outside, so we had a choice of any table.

Brunch was, of course, delicious. Evelyn wasn’t in today. We assumed her shifts have changed. Still, we were greeted by two of the regular staff like we were old friends.

In more exciting news, tonight we finished watching The Eddy. It’s a wonderful piece of French/American TV involving a Paris jazz club and the musicians who play there. Interwoven through the story of the club and the band is a pointless story about organised crime and a couple of murders but you can skip over that.

The music is superb. The reason it is superb is because the producers gathered together some of the best, contemporary jazz performers and created an amazing band. If you like jazz, this is a fantastic TV series. If you don’t like jazz, it would be best to avoid it.

The funny thing is that, after a couple of episodes, I recognised the saxophonist as Jowee Omicil, who we saw at the Duc de Lombard in Paris in 2019. It was the memorable show which Bob didn’t enjoy very much.

Then, Mirinda pointed out that the pianist, Randy Kerber, looked familiar as well. And, it turns out he played keyboard at the same show.

As I say, we finished watching it tonight. It ended, promising a second series. I certainly hope so. The music is brilliant.

The title of this post comes courtesy of a radio series called I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again. One particular episode, called The Voyages of Ulysses, included a song which went:

Have you ever seen a Cyclops wink?
Do you think he ever has to blink?
I've seen a three-headed cat!
Well how about that?
But I've never seen a Cyclops wink.

It has never left me. Silly lyrics from a silly show but very memorable.

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