All the uncomforts of home

Prince Philip died today. He was 99 and was married to QEI for more than 70 years. He’d recently spent time in hospital where Prince Charles visited him. He was released from hospital in order to spend his last days with the Queen. He died peacefully, apparently.

According to Twitter, the UK was suddenly a wall-to-wall, all channel TV blitzkrieg of nothing but Philip. In fact, both BBC 1 and BBC 2 were broadcasting the same programme at the same time. Which seems a bit odd.

In the meanwhilst, here in Sweden, no royals died and the weather turned nasty. In fact, as a complete reversal of the glories of yesterday, the heavens opened and I was drenched beyond dry. I was instantly transported back to Farnham and my Sunday morning splashy walks into Waitrose, shoes gradually absorbing more water than possible and my jeans getting soaked.

Perhaps the weather had changed out of deference to Philip. Whatever the reason, it was certainly pretty gloomy. Not that the gloom lasted. Of course, by the time I reached the Ica, the rain had all but stopped. And, by the time I was walking back home, the rain had vanished and the sun was starting to appear.

Stupid weather.

Speaking of the Ica, the Trollbäcken store is being renovated. I noticed on Tuesday that the fruit and veg section had been turned 90° and the end cash register had gone, replaced by another one further along. Then, this morning, there was a lot of activity with shelving being moved, units emptied and a lot of dodging of trolleys full of stock.

When I was laid up with my sprained ankle and Mirinda had to do the shopping, I provided her with a map of where things were in the Ica. She said this served her well. I’m glad they didn’t start changing things a month earlier because my rough map would have been a bit frustrating.

Apart from the inconvenience of shopping during renovations, I reckon the shop is going to look pretty good when it’s finished.

While I was gradually drying out, Mirinda attended a conference. She asked me to get her some printer paper because there would be drawing.

Of Mirinda’s many skills, she would be the first to admit that drawing is not one of them. So, when asked to draw something which represented her research, it was littered with stick figures and was a game. Actually, I reckon the game concept was very good and the use of different coloured flouro pencils, inspired.

However, I rather liked this representation of how graduates feel about having to jump through algorithmic hoops in the early stages of the search for employment.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Don’t you mean QE2??!!

    I am planning my next career as an illustrator…

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