Walking in sunshine

Some days, you get up, go through your usual routine then leave the house and the beauty of the day almost bowls you over. It all looks impossibly glorious and the world seems perfect. Today was like that. All day.

I had to go up to Trollbäcken to post a letter and, while it wasn’t my usual shopping day, I was glad to have to go out on an errand. The day was just so lovely.

I noticed most people were looking happy and think it must have been the weather. Not that people don’t generally look happy but, sometimes, the weather can imprint itself on their faces. So, today, they tended towards the cheery rather than the glum.

I posted the letter at the Hemköp, put money on our travel cards and then sat and waited for the next bus back.

The day continued perfect all day. That’s not to say it was warm. The temperature remains not too far above zero. But, of course, that’s just how I love it.

The main thing I did today, postage apart, was trim my beard. After yesterday’s dramatic haircut, I thought it only right that the hair on my chin should be brought into line with my head.

All of that, though, pales into insignificance when I report that today, I went on the evening constitutional for the first time since spraining my ankle. I’ve missed the neighbourhood.

Mind you, it’s changed a bit. The last time I went, it was dark and the Christmas lights were still up. Today, the sun was still up and most of the decorations have gone.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The neighbourhood is looking lovely in the evening light. The grass is green, the houses white, the sky blue and the light softly diffuse.

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