A footpath going nowhere

The holiday break being behind us now, the old routine was once more entered into. Mirinda went back to work, starting the day at the café at Trollbäcken, while I dragged my trolley to Tyresö Centrum for essentials.

There was something else I wanted to do at Tyresö Centrum.

The other day I decided that I needed a haircut. It had nothing to do with Sharon thinking I looked like an old taxidermist or how I’d almost been recruited onto a Norwegian fishing trawler. It was more to do with the fact that the length now enabled me to lose the last remnants of colour.

I started having my hair coloured over 40 years ago but, with the advent of my new, Nordic beard, I thought it was looking a bit silly. I wanted to go all natural. I reasoned that I could always dye it afterwards if I wasn’t happy. As it turned out, I was very happy.

I had decided to try Moe’s Barbers in the centre. It was where I bought my beard wax the other week and they had been very helpful. They also don’t wear masks and/or those clear plastic face shields. Plus I haven’t been to an actual barber since I was a child under my parents care and was looking forward to the relatively new experience.

Anyway, the chap who cut my hair was a dab hand with scissors and electric clippers and soon I was transformed into a normal member of polite society rather than someone off to the edges of it.

The barista at Espresso House was very complimentary about my new look which also speaks volumes about the old one.

On the way home, my ears feeling the cold for the first time in months, I noticed the road works at the roundabout not far from our house. They started work on it before we went away. I thought they were repairing cables or something similar but, rather than cables, they have lain a bit of footpath and dropped the kerb for pedestrians.

That’s all fine and handy except that it doesn’t actually go anywhere.

The road that leads into the roundabout has a bank on one side and a big ditch on the other. Both of them are inaccessible to pedestrians. Generally people just walk up the road and avoid the vehicles. It’s a quiet road.

I’m not sure what the new footpath is going to achieve. Well, apart from a bit of work for a couple of chaps and a digger. Still, it gives me something to write about, I suppose.

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