Where awful American cars go to die

Who was Waldemar Platou and why is there a massive great monument to him in the churchyard of Sunne Kyrka? This was the question which struck me as we walked through the aforementioned graveyard and I spotted the white upright slab with the relief of, what appeared to be, an actor on it.

I discovered that Waldemar Platou was actually a very successful brewer from Norway who quite possibly never set foot in Sunne. I was unable to find any mention of his taking part in theatre at all. Also, he had a middle name: Stoud.

I did discover that he became a brewer’s apprentice at the age of 16 at the Christiania Brewery in Maridalsveien, and never looked back. He took the brewer’s exam in 1888 and the next year was given the job of Master Brewer at Christiania’s. He then went to Bergen and established the Hansa Brewery. By 1898 he was the CEO of Hansa.

He married three times (dissolved, died, survived), his second wife being the Norwegian stage actor, Dina Nordvik.

Dina was very well known in Norway. She was born there in 1884 and died there in 1921. She was just 37. I have no idea what killed her but she had a daughter. Her daughter was Lill Platou who became a famous Swedish actor who performed as Lill Norvi.

Lill married Otto Thoresen. Otto died in 1959. Lill, on the other hand, lived until 2006. At some point they (or just she) lived in Sunne.

When Lill died, she was buried in the graveyard at Sunne Kyrka and her memorial slab was placed in front of the big monument pictured above. I assume, as a tribute to her parents.

Needless to say, we drove into Sunne today and visited the church. Which was closed like almost everything in Sunne, including the Systembolaget. Fortunately, the Coop was open.

As we walked through the (almost) silent roads of Sunne, it struck me that there was an inordinate amount of ugly, noisy, very long, old American 1950’s type cars roaming the streets. They were all ridiculous. It was almost as if they had been involved in a vintage car display but were left behind by the other cars that were too embarrassed to tell them where they were going next.

It’s an interesting reflection on Sunne that that is the most memorable thing about the place. That and the fact that it appears to be largely closed over Easter.

And that was about it for our day. Well, apart from the fact that we had snow over night and I woke to this out of the kitchen window:

After settling in for the night, Eva came over for a few drinks and a lovely long chat about a job offer she’s had in Beirut and how she’s solving the problem in the Sudan. She is a very interesting person with some rather forthright views. I like her very much.

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