Japanese cat with exploded nose

It was an early start this morning as we headed back to Tyresö. Eva had said we could delay our departure beyond the usual time to leave except that she had suddenly had a booking and, being a work day, she had to rush around like a crazy person. We finished packing by 9am and had a final cup of coffee on the verandah, overlooking the fields for the last time.

We were out, Max packed and were saying goodbye to Eva on the stroke of 10am, as requested.

The weather was perfect for driving. The sky was mostly blue with a few scattered, wispy clouds. Okay, it was very cold and the wind cut through the flesh if you were in it but, overall, it was great travelling weather.

We stopped twice for breaks along the way. As opposed to the trip out, we decided to try for a proper rest area rather than a services car park. As it turned out, we had one of each. First up, there was the incredibly scenic rest stop on the edge of Lake Våtsjön, off the E18.

Toilets, tables and benches with shelters, a beautiful lake for swimming, boating, fishing and, of course, the noise of the highway never far away. To add to the general atmosphere, there was also this rather strange sculpture.

As you can see, to the left of the photo is what was once an explanation/information board. Someone clearly disagreed with it and ripped it off and, probably, chucked it in the lake. I’ve tried a reverse image search but, it seems, I’m the only person to take a photo.

Mysterious object aside, the rest stop was lovely and Mirinda and the girls had a good wander around, stretching their various legs, before we climbed back into the over-packed Max and returned to the road.

The second stop was at a motorway services which featured a Circle K petrol station, a McDonald’s, a MAX and a Chinese takeaway chain called Chop Chop Asian Express. It was all rather depressing, particularly with the icy wind whipping off hats left, right and centre.

We had a rather disgusting cup of something described as coffee but what tasted more like reheated brake fluid, and returned to the road again.

We pulled up at the house in good time and set about unpacking and settling back in. Checking out the empty mouse traps and throwing out expired items from the fridge. The usual end of holiday activities.

It was an excellent ten days away but, as usual, it was good to be home.

I forgot to mention that last night, I played Mirinda at chess. Neither of us have played for years. In fact, she was probably the last person I played. Anyway, having established the fact that I’m so bad I even lose when I play myself, we had a game. And, you’d never believe it, I actually won. Not from any particular skill but because of a lapse in concentration on Mirinda’s part. It was a delightful moment when I put her king in check mate. I may have been a little ungracious in my win.

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