Not Gilligan’s Ginger

I forgot to post this photo yesterday. It’s especially for Mum & Dad, knowing how much they love ginger.

A stall that Mum & Dad couldn't have resisted...

And, for the record, I LOVE Turkish delight. Rose is my favourite but I’m also quite keen on pistachio. Peppermint is my least favourite…but I still LOVE it. Sadly, there’s none left. I finished it off today. Did I mention that I LOVE Turkish delight? Well..I do.

Today I did some much needed work in the garden. The weeds have started taking over. I’ve been a bit involved in other things and they know when you’re not keeping an eye on them. They just go mad. It took me nearly all day just to clear a path from the back door steps.

Still, it all looks much nicer now. Though not from a weed’s point of view. Obviously.

I also cut down all the gladdies, which have died off – they don’t last very long! A bit sad but the beds look much nicer without droopy, dead flowers hanging over them.

I had a lovely day for it, though Mirinda tells me it poured in London today. We had a few threatening clouds every now and then but nothing wet.

Actually, the biggest news today was that my friend at Waitrose had a job interview and, fingers crossed, she’ll hear about it on Friday. She’s really not happy at Farnham so a change of store could be just what she needs. I hope so, anyway. I’m not going to mention her name because who knows, someone from Waitrose might read this!

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2 Responses to Not Gilligan’s Ginger

  1. mum cook says:

    That is the only way I will eat ginger Lorna eats it in lumps. but love the picture. you are a piggy eating it all. Good job I am not there we would have had a fight.humm lovely stuff.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Is that from the country fair? If I’d seen it I would have bought some very sticky ginger cake.


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