Looking for a witness

The world’s biggest container ship blocked the Suez Canal today. Apparently there was fog and a dust storm, both of which forced the big bulbous nose of the Evergreen to become wedged at one side. The water floated the other end around, to cut off the canal to all other traffic. Quite bizarre.

10% of the world’s trade passes along the Suez. That’s a lot of delayed Easter eggs.

In the meanwhilst, here in the southern reaches of Stockholm, I was trying to find someone to witness my signature. It’s very simple in the UK. You just ask any solicitor. As long as it’s not your own solicitor (or your wife). Not so in Sweden.

I have written to a number of people I found via our landlady but had had no response. I decided to head into Tyresö Centrum and knock on doors. Or door. Of the only one I could find.

It was also my first day out on my own since spraining my ankle. It was a great sense of very slow and deliberate freedom.

I didn’t have any luck with the solicitor apart from finding his office. Which was locked up tight. Which was annoying given it had meant a lot of extra walking.

My second option was a horse lawyer in Trollbäcken. So, having visited the System for some much needed supplies and Espresso House to explain my absence, I headed back on the bus.

And the horse lawyer was very helpful. Not that she could witness my signature of course. That would be expecting way too much. But she did tell me that I had to find a public notary. Now, a solicitor can be a public notary but she wasn’t. She suggested I look one up on the Internet.

I have to admit I was on the verge of witnessing my own signature but, instead, I went shopping at the ICA before heading back home to resume the hunt for a witness.

And this is what I discovered.

Further investigations found one. Not only did I find one but I also managed to talk to him and arrange to meet him tomorrow, so he could witness me. I swept all thoughts of forgery from my mind.

As it turned out, it was a very good day.

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