The longest day

Yonks ago, Mirinda and I helped out a colleague of hers with a lethal spreadsheet and ever since she has been threatening to take us out to dinner. She tried to organise it about a year ago but, for one reason or another (I think Mirinda had a meeting or something) it fell through. It was finally arranged for tonight.

After uni I walked down and met Mirinda for lunch and a look at another flat in her Poirot block we’ve been trying to view for ages, then I walked her back to her work for a meeting. I then had a mission to transport two paintings from her now demolished office to the flat. I carried them across and hung them both then was back to meet her at 6pm.

The plan was to meet at Ping Pong at 7 so we took a long, very cold walk across the river and along the South Bank. Sadly, Ping Pong was full so Ben suggested we try Thai Silk so we wandered another few miles across Southwark to find it.

There was five of us. Rachel (the one with the spreadsheet requirement), Ben and Laura (one time Mirinda PA, now timetable expert), Mirinda and I. And we had a lovely night. Normally when you’re the only person who doesn’t work at the same place everyone else does, you feel a bit left out and, quite frankly, bored but, because Mirinda keeps me well informed I feel I work there anyway. So I was able to laugh at the same foibles and the same people.

The meal was lovely too so all round, a great night. Trouble is, it meant I didn’t get home until midnight which resulted in two very manic poodles. I left at 7am so it was a long day for them both.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Shame you could not stay at the flat, you should have got Nicktor to pop in and feed them. love mum

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