Life on the terrace

The House of Flags, also sometimes referred to as the Gingerbread House, has been a bit disappointing since I first wrote about it. From that early flurry of giant flags in December, there has been none. Then, a while ago, one single giant flag with a cow on it, appeared. It only lasted a day and I almost missed it, so I didn’t bother reporting it. Then yesterday they had hoisted a Japanese flag.

I do wonder why.

I also noticed, last night during our constitutional, that they still had their Christmas lights up; the ones that make it look like a Gingerbread House. In fact, quite a few houses still have their outside, festive lights up.

So the neighbourhood still looks cheerful once the sun goes down.

Speaking of the sun, we both spent a bit of time working on the terrace today. While Mirinda was either engaged in a Walk ‘n Talk or sitting in the Trollbäcken café, I sat outside working on a massive collection of relevant articles she wanted added to Mendeley and her special spreadsheet. Then, once she was home, and my battery had almost gone flat, she took over.

It’s still a bit chilly but not what you’d call cold. And the sun was glorious. I think I need to sweep up some leaves though.

And big sticks. The leaves are natural, the sticks have had a bit of help from a certain cockerpoo with a branch addiction.

Actually, both dogs have been completely spoiled for the last couple of days. Two big walks, running around the garden and then, an extra constitutional with the whole family before we settle in for the night.

I’d call it Puppy Heaven. Though Freya possibly thinks it’s all a bit tiring.

Life in Sweden is lovely for us all.

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