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A new rule came into force in Sweden today. I can’t work out what it’s supposed to accomplish. In a country that I feel makes sense a lot of the time, this new rule has me very, very confused. In short, if you go to a restaurant which shares a door with other shops, for instance, a restaurant in a shopping centre, you can only have one person at a table.

At Tyresö Centrum, there’s a worker’s restaurant (it would be a caff in the UK) called the Green Bull. Around lunchtime, every day, it’s packed with workers all having a good, hot, nourishing lunch. Every day I’ve been there anyway.

Today, it was pretty much the same only the workers were all eating singularly, next to each other, still chatting. The photo above is a bit early, they were only just starting to arrive. Before today, the tables you see on the left were all pushed together to form six seaters.

The same goes for Espresso House. All the seating has been separated into single spaces. Of course, you could buy a takeaway and go and sit, with your friend/companion/spouse/whoever on a centre bench if you preferred to sit together.

I was at Tyresö this morning (I don’t normally go on a Monday) in order to buy a sonic mouse dissuader. One of those things that emit a high pitched sound which only mice can hear. Apparently it is safe for humans, dogs, cats and fish. They had them in stock at Clas Ohlson.

Obviously, I did a supermarket shop while I was there. I then popped into the bookshop to order another Fredrick Backman book as I’m nearing the end of Anxious People (brilliant book). The woman behind the counter recognised me from when I bought the Tove Jansson illustrated Alice in Wonderland. I collected it back in December having ordered it in November.

I was surprised she’d recognised me, I said, because I hadn’t seen her for months and then only once. She said she only worked on Mondays. The other days she’s in another store at another shopping centre. She didn’t explain how she recognised me, but I can assume it’s rare that an English speaking, old man would order a children’s book in a local shopping centre on the outskirts of Stockholm and not be remembered.

I also had a lovely chat with the woman at the fish counter in Ica and, of course, the barista at Espresso House who said she lives half an hour away from Tyresö and over an hour from her boyfriend. I said that seemed a bad choice of boyfriend. She agreed.

Back at home it was a dread time for the girls as they underwent the ghastly operation known as the GazHack.

At least Emma sat still, Freya hated it so much she squealed every time I closed the scissors.

Wait till they realise that this was only stage one. I need to finish the job tomorrow.

And, of course, a post wouldn’t be a post without the new litter feature. I spotted this at the bus stop at Gudö.

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