Concerning post offices

Back in Farnham, Emma would sit at the window of Mirinda’s library and bark if anyone walked by. We were worried that she’d do the same here and be an annoying presence in our street. Fortunately, she has been as good as gold. Rarely barking and being nothing but cute and cuddly and the target of many admiring glances. Though she still looks out the window. (Note that the window is open for the first time since we’ve been here.)

I think she doesn’t bark because the house is too far from the footpath and her sight has never been very good. It’s certainly not because no-one walks by. There’s an almost constant stream of people out for their daily exercise, sometimes with a dog, sometimes a stroller and others out jogging.

Emma tends to look out the window when Mirinda is coming or going, which is what she’s doing in the photo. Mirinda was about to appear from the front door and head off for a coffee at Trolläcken.

I also had to go to Trollbäcken today. Unusual on a Thursday but I had a very important letter to post. I needed to send more documents supporting my residency application so an unscheduled trip to Hemköp was required.

So, clutching the precious letter like the White Rabbit and his invitation to the garden party, I headed to the bus stop.

Arriving opposite the shops, for the first time I can remember, the main road was empty. Obviously I had to get a photo.

Today was the first time I’ve had to post something. It was very easy.

Post Offices are located inside other businesses here. Actually, I have no idea if there are any dedicated post offices in Sweden. I’ve not seen one. There’s one at the Coop in Tyresö Centrum and, of course, the one in the newsagent where I have to collect parcels but nothing like the post office we used to have in Farnham. And, in fact, they’re far more like the post office they now have in Farnham. At WH Smith’s

Maybe it’s the way the world is heading. One day there’ll be no dedicated post offices.

Anyway, as I said, it was very easy getting a stamp and posting the letter and I headed back home. Coincidentally, I read a Tweet today, from someone I follow, who has had their residency confirmed. My fingers are crossed.

Now that the snow has gone, the back garden is once more accessible, so I spent a bit of time giving Emma a run around, chasing pine cones. Freya, meanwhile, went investigating.

Mirinda had a Town Hall today. The first time for a month. She enjoyed it thoroughly and was on a high for quite some time afterwards. I’m surprised she calmed down enough to go to sleep later on. Good to see her so happy.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    It’s just like the old performance high after a play!

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