Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

The Cansfields moved today. I sent them good wishes via Satellite. At the end of the day, Nicktor sent me a photo showing James in the hot tub, relaxing after, I guess, a long, hard slog transporting belongings from one abode to another. It feels a bit sad that I’ll never see the previous Casa Cansfield again.

Not that I thought THAT much about it. Being a rabid embracer of change, I’m really looking forward to seeing the new place.

I wasn’t, really, looking forward to going shopping today. I was concerned with the new recommendations announced yesterday. However, there was no real discernible difference going shopping today as far as masks were concerned. Maybe there were a few more, but the bus mask wearers were in the usual minority.

That’s what happens with recommendations. Generally, people can (and will) weigh up the risks and act accordingly. At least they do here in Sweden. In the crowded centre of Stockholm, I assume there were more masks and distances increased between people but out here in the sticks, things just carried on as they have since we’ve been here.

Another big concern had been if all the shop assistants started wearing masks. This is a great way to remove any joy from shopping, something I actually enjoy. But, no, like the bus, there appeared to be no difference and I had a lovely chat with the woman at the fish counter in Ica as well as my usual catch-up with the barista at Espresso House. Who drew a heart in my foam. And both of them remained at least 1.5 metres away from me.

Late in the day, the Prime Minister held a press conference to announce new measures, mainly the fact that pubs and restaurants are now required to close at 8:30pm. This was supposed to be the law earlier, but there was a loophole in the previous legislation regarding the stopping of selling alcohol after 8pm. This loophole has now been closed. This does not impact us at all.

Another recommendation is for people to shop individually rather than in family (or other) groups. Again, this doesn’t concern us as I do all the shopping on my own anyway.

And things were just as normal at Norrby’s where, being a Wednesday, we went for lunch. I had the wonderful fisk soppa (Mirinda went for the goats cheese pie) and we finished with the most delicious buns. Mine had jam with white chocolate drizzled over it.

Mirinda’s was strawberry jam and was made up by the young woman behind the counter. The one who invented the cheese pie. She is amazing. The buns were extraordinarily good. Far too much so.

Today the temperature reached double figures, so I was forced into shorts and, I completely blame Swedish buns for this, they were tighter than they used to be. It might also be the lack of an exercise bike.

Another unfortunate but modern day normal thing, was an old man having a very loud phone call on the bus home. Rather than holding the phone to his ear and having a private conversation, he was using the phones loudspeaker and yelling at it. It was very annoying. At least I couldn’t understand what he was saying, everyone else in the bus was treated to whatever he was going on about.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Aah the Swedish fika

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