Death is too good for it!

Up and out of the hotel by 8:30. Quick taxi to Waverley Station and on the 9:30 train home. All with very minimal fuss. The weather turned grey and ugly, the rain started as we left the station. Our departure was timed to perfection.

Actually, I say with minimal fuss but…for a while now, one of our wheelie bags has been suffering with a gammy leg. Well, a gammy wheel, actually. I’ve known about it for ages but after getting home and unpacking and dumping it, empty, in the loft, I’ve just completely forgotten about it. Until, of course, the next time I take it down from the loft, pack it and try and wheel it up to the station. It’s like dragging a dead body wearing one roller skate. It has generally managed to limp along a bit, with the wheel locking then freeing up every few hundred miles, so I put up with it. This trip, however, things did not improve. By the time we returned home and I’d dragged it home in the heat and sunshine of south east England, the wheel was flat. I’m not talking a lack of air. It was once solid rubber. By the time we arrived home, it was as round as a brick. Would have worked quite well on ice, I fancy. Suffice to say that as soon as I’d unpacked it, I attacked it with big scissors and gleefully dumped the pieces in the bin.

And so, with the final grim moments of our wheelie bag (which will now have to be replaced), that brings to an end our short trip to Edinburgh.

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