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A while ago I found a new recipe for keto rolls. I’ve had to hunt around for the ingredients but, this week, I managed to succeed in buying almond flour (or almond dust as I call it). Today, I made a batch. I think they came out pretty good.

We ate them for lunch with a slice of cheese. The rolls are quite small.

I think the novelty of having cheese rolls for lunch may have cheered Mirinda up a bit from the rigours of her cold. At least she seemed to be better. Because of her cold, of course, we didn’t go out to dinner today, something we normally do of a weekend. If her recovery continues, maybe we’ll be able to go tomorrow.

Speaking of my poor, ailing wife, I forgot to mention that she saw a moose the other day. This is something she’s wanted to see since we arrived and Camilla told us a family of them regularly visited the house.

We’ve seen birds, deer, hares, squirrels, cats but no moose.

Then, the other day, taking the girls for a walk she spotted one some distance away. She stopped and regarded the moose while the moose stopped and regarded her. The dogs didn’t see anything, which is not surprising. Emma can’t see very well and Freya ignores anything she doesn’t understand.

Mirinda took a bit of film of the moose. Judging from the size and with absolutely no knowledge of moose beyond eating it, we think it may have been a juvenile. Anyway, it wasn’t very big. Maybe it was a Shetland moose.

I have read that moose are actually solitary animals. They come together for a bit of nooky time then go their separate ways. The female has a baby which stays with her for a year before heading out on its own. Which makes me wonder about Camilla’s ascertain that a family often roams the properties.

We’ve finished the moose that we bought from Joseph at The Hairy Pig Restaurant but we do have some of the sausages left so, tonight we had wild boar. I wonder if this means that Mirinda will now come across one when she’s out walking.

Regardless of the portents, they were delicious, particularly with mashed cauliflower and fried red onions. I think they may have gone well with the keto rolls I made. If only we hadn’t eaten them all with cheese for lunch.

I guess I’ll just have to make some more.

I’ve just realised, looking at the photograph above, that the cheese has passed its Best Before Date. I guess it just proves my belief that cheese never goes off. You just trim the mouldy bits off to get to the good stuff protected underneath.

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