Ingenuity plus Perseverance equals Cool

I was sitting at Mirinda’s desk this morning, typing up my blog post for yesterday when, suddenly, the room darkened momentarily and there was a long and deep whoomp sound. It made me jump. It was the snow starting to slide off the roof.

It happened a few times throughout the day. For something so ridiculously light, snow certainly makes a lot of noise when it drops to the ground en masse. It also made me wonder what would happen if Freya happened to be underneath when it fell. Fortunately, she never was.

Sadly, the falling snow heralds the end of the cold spell with the temperatures returning to the plus side of the thermometer. The world will start returning to normal. Which is a pity.

I was a bit concerned that the noisy snow would impact on the Talking Newspaper recording I presented today but it didn’t. Not even slightly. Tim had to stop me a few times because I occasionally sounded like Davros, but, otherwise, it all went very smoothly.

I had Ann reading with me, which is always a delight and we had two hours of fun and laughs intermingled with some serious news. I was helped at my end with a cockerpoo on my lap.

Normally I lie on the bed when I’m recording but today I was washing the bed clothes so had to make do with a chair. Obviously, Emma wanted to lie on my lap. Which meant she had to have the laptop on her head. Fortunately it was my tablet which is lighter.

Given it was also Magazine week, over dinner, we listened to the second half of my interview with Ann. It sounded like fun. Which it had been.

In health news, Mirinda’s cold continues to annoy her. She keeps asking me to test her for a temperature, fearful she has the dreaded plaque. Her forehead is normal. I keep assuring her, she has a cold. A normal, every day, annoying but common, cold.

Speaking of the plague, there was a lovely story online today about an absconded prisoner who turned himself in to police because he couldn’t stand the people he was locked down with. He said he needed to get back to prison for some peace and quiet.

And, in further news today, NASA successfully landed Perseverance Rover on Mars. There were the usual loud cheers from the Control Room. There were also loud cheers heard during an interview with an engineer who worked on the helicopter. And, while the whole sending a Rover to Mars thing is still extraordinarily amazing, adding a helicopter has to be amazingly amazing.

The engineer was thrilled with the landing and was keen to discover if the helicopter, called Ingenuity, was going to work in the thin atmosphere and low gravity of Mars. Obviously, a special chamber had been created on Earth for testing but, as she said, there’s nothing like the real thing.

Ingenuity is housed on the underside of Perseverance. I think of it being like the sports car in Robert De Niro’s RV in Meet the Fockers. The tiny chopper will be launched soon and will scout out possible locations for Perseverance to head for. So cool.

And, in case anyone is wondering how I am managing to remain healthy while being surrounded by Mirinda’s cold germs, here’s my secret:

The Sytembolaget site describes it as having a spicy “…taste with a little sweetness, hints of rosehips, blackberries and blackberries.” Just like cold medicine. It works a treat.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Snow is different every day. From silver glitter exploding in the sun, to tiny pellets stinging your cheeks in the wind, and now to great rumbling threats abruptly plunging off the roof. Amazing stuff. I will miss it!


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