Being ‘that’ guy

Last November, I booked onto a Virtual Battlefield Tour with the WFA. I figured it would possibly be my only battlefield tour. It was scheduled for tonight. I’d put the date everywhere I could think of. I was really looking forward to it.

I’d mentioned to Mirinda how the WFA were upset that people booked for things then didn’t turn up. The reason is their tours and webinars are very popular with their large membership and often over-subscribed so, if someone doesn’t come, someone else who could take their place, can’t. Which I thought was fair enough.

Today I was preparing for a Talking Newspaper recording for tomorrow so I wasn’t busy. I decided to cook tuna so dinner would be quick and easy. I wanted to be right ready for the 20:15 (Swedish time) start.

The tuna, by the way, I bought at the Ica deli counter and was delicious. We’re used to the tuna at Waitrose which is caught somewhere near the Canary Islands. I don’t know where Ica sources its tuna, but it tastes a lot stronger of fish.

The fish here, as I’ve said before, is fantastic. But then, so is the meat. Especially now I’m going to the butcher. This week we had a couple of excellent beef steaks.

They were the best beef I’ve had outside of Australia. I’m ignoring the wagyu we had in Japan because that is just something exquisite that can’t really be compared to anything else. And, actually, the butcher also sells wagyu, so I might give it a try. When I feel confident enough to cook it properly.

Also, this week, we had a couple of pork chops which were also delicious. I roasted them over fennel and veg.

Quality of the meat aside, and I can hear my grandfather saying, the best thing about buying from the butcher is the amount of fat left on. The supermarkets here cut off virtually all the fat. I suppose they think they are doing the right thing. Either people don’t like paying for the fat which they’ll probably not eat or they think fat is bad.

My grandfather, I should add, was a butcher.

The pork chops above were equally as good as the steaks. I am so glad I discovered the butcher. And so is Mirinda.

Having finished dinner tonight, we settled down for our regular allotted TV time. We’ve finally finished the increasingly annoying Dicte and are now watching a well cool French police show called Unite 42. It’s so cool I keep having to pause it to explain to Mirinda what’s happening.

Mirinda has a bit of a cold at the moment, so she dragged herself off to bed a bit earlier than normal while I set about tidying the kitchen. I finished at about 10pm, and I sat on the lounge to check if Ann had had any problems with the Talking Newspaper stuff I’d sent her earlier. It was then that I realised I’d missed the battlefield tour.

I was very upset. I seriously didn’t want to be THAT guy. And it turns out that I was.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I told you not to be so judgemental of others who missed these things.
    That’s definitely pizza with extra hubris.


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