Second switch-around Saturday

Mirinda saw a hare out the back window this week. Ever since, she’s been trying to see another one. Naturally, although I hadn’t seen the hare myself, I believed her. This is in direct contrast to the time when I told her I saw a giant hare on the way to work, when we lived at Alton. She just laughed and dismissed my claim out of hand.

(For written evidence of the fact, here’s the original entry from 2002.)

However, there were no hares today. A pity given she was Skyping with Bob and Fi and sat looking out the window for most of the time. She was having a Saturday Skype because we’re off to Stockholm again tomorrow for another Sunday foray into modern art.

So, following her family catch-up, we headed off to the island for brunch and a beer.

Once again, being a beautiful day, the park around Tyresö Slott, was full of excited screams as sleds of all manner and type raced down hills and slopes.

Walking across the bridge to the island café, it was a bit odd looking out over the frozen water where, only a short while ago, there’d been flocks of ducks quacking at each other and imploring us to give them bread.

Where once were fowl, now are footsteps and ski marks.

The café was quite busy but not too busy for us to find a table and settle down to potato soup (me) and räckmacka (Mirinda). There was the usual compliment of humans and, of course, their dogs.

At the table next to us was a small fluff ball and her two humans. Clearly the two women were considered okay because Emma eagerly went over for some pats and fuss.

Afterwards, Mirinda walked down to, what used to be, the waters edge.

Now, you’d be hard pressed to find the rocks which make up most of the dry land.

Before heading home, we did the customary wander around the grounds of the slott, throwing cheery hej hejs along the way and avoiding being run over by wayward children.

Getting home after four, we realised that the sun is setting later and later with a rapidity both remarkable and joyous. We had to pop into the Ica on the way home and, for the first time, I could see where I was walking.

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