Remembering Louise Hallin

We surprised Evelyn today. Being a Saturday, she wasn’t expecting us to turn up on the island. Because The Perfect Swedish Family are having the girls tomorrow, we had to switch our Notholmen visit to today. Which is why we surprised Evelyn.

Mirinda also further, and pleasantly, surprised Evelyn by suggesting moving forward with the Master Class idea. Evelyn was delighted that Mirinda had remembered.

The park at Tyresö Slott looked lovely covered in its snowy white blanket.

And we weren’t alone in enjoying the place. Big family groups, speckled the hillsides with sleds and giggling children. A small group of inept cross country skiers valiantly attempted to climb the slopes. Small, fluff balls waddled along the snowy paths just a tails shake from shivering.

It was not as deserted as the photo above would indicate.

Interestingly, though the temperature was hovering around the -10° mark, there were still people sitting outside the café. They were mostly in the big marquee which, from experience, I know is quite chilly anyway. The Swedes are certainly a hardy lot.

As for us, we sat inside and enjoyed a bowl of beetroot soup.

Mirinda was surprised the fire wasn’t lit. I suggested that the fire wasn’t lit because we don’t normally come in on a Saturday. The last time it was lit was because Mirinda had asked about it. Not that the café was cold. It was, actually, very warm and cosy.

Sadly, we had to leave the cosy warmth as the clock struck the 3pm closing time.

We headed out into the frozen landscape and headed up to the church.

I was on the hunt for a grave. A specific grave.

I occasionally submit grave details for Find a Grave, a website which lists burials from all over the world. Members with details of burials can make a request for someone in the area to go and snap a photo of the memorial. And I found one for the Tyresö cemetery. Except it was actually in the churchyard. Which made it very easy to find and photograph.

Of course, I had to dig it out a bit but apart from that little detail, it was very easy to find. So now, the memorial to poor little Louise Carin Victoria Hallin has been added to the site. I don’t know about Dick and Helga.

And, I’ve only just realised that you can see the girls reflected in it.

Tomorrow we’re off to Stockholm for the first time in ages. Hopefully, we’ll dine at the Hairy Pig.

[2023 UPDATE. The memorial has been removed from This can happen if someone wants it taken down. I assume it was a member of the Hallin family.]

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