The Polish Boys return…again

Today was about waiting. Waiting for the next dryer to arrive and be installed. Because of the waiting, I didn’t get to go for a walk in the snow. Mirinda did. A number of times. But not me. Sad, but true.

Not that I waited inside. Given yesterday’s snowfall, I had a couple of jobs to perform.

The paths needed scraping with the snow shovel to make sure they didn’t become a treacherous luge track once the compact snow turns slippery. It’s not as easy as it looks either because the path isn’t exactly flat. It is rounded on the bottom so every scrape leaves pools of snow. Though it is the width of the shovel, which helps.

Still, it’s not easy when you have little balance and, obviously, you can’t use a walking stick while doing it. I did consider somehow attaching the stick to my butt in order to provide a sort of tripod effect. I dismissed this as too much effort for not much result.

The shovel helped with support and the snow promised a soft landing, so, in the end, it wasn’t that bad. And I didn’t fall over.

And, of course, I had to remove the snow from Max.

It’s quite odd the way the snow settles on Max. Mind you, it’s not as weird as a car we saw last night. It was as if someone had tugged one corner of the blanket and pulled it a bit skewiff.

The Polish chaps turned up with Professor Anders at about 6:30 and the third ‘new’ dryer was substituted for the second ‘new’ dryer. I was tempted to say I’d see them next week but wasn’t sure they’d understand.

And, apart from lots of research, that was my day.

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