Who was Chun Se-Choong?

The island café was very crowded today. We put this down to the fact that, for the second day running, the weather was superb. So superb that big family groups decided to go out and enjoy it. When Mirinda asked Evelyn if it was like it in summer, Evelyn laughed and said it was much worse.

Mind you, after a short delay, we managed to get a table inside (most people were outside…as usual) where I accidentally matched the wall.

We decided that, in future, if the weather is beautiful, we’ll leave it a bit later to arrive. As the seasons progress, we’ll just adjust our arrival accordingly. Even with the crowds, it was still a glorious brunch at Notholmen.

Afterwards, we took a stroll around the park, ending up at the cemetery (the youngest in Tyresö) where we wandered among the graves of people like motorbike enthusiast Karlsson Hasse, boxer Kent Sonfjäll and the enigmatic sounding Chun Se-Choong.

Not forgetting the memorial. And the bell tower. Or klockstapeln as they call them in these here parts.

Google Translate, which is generally pretty reliable if somewhat quirky, translated the memorial text as being about Slaughterhouses. Which is a bit inappropriate if you ask me.

It is actually a memorial to those who have gone before, either here or elsewhere. People can light a candle and place it in the trough to remember loved ones. I guess it would include people who worked in abattoirs.

It’s a lovely idea. As Mirinda pointed out, one can light a candle for loved ones in churches, so why not in a cemetery?

We then turned back to Max and drove home.

Snow is expected tomorrow. Which is only fair given most of the old snow has disappeared, and we need some replenishment.

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