Chinese, Nicktor style

What a glorious day! We saw the sun, the sky was constantly blue, it was a rare and beautiful thing. So beautiful that Mirinda hitched up the girls quite early and took to the forest.

She saw few people, forded many streams, skated across vast ice fields and, generally, had a marvellous time. The girls loved it too, their little paws bearing witness to the mud left behind by the almost vanquished snow.

In the meanwhilst, I trimmed my beard. You can see a few hairs in the photo below.

The thing is, the best and easiest way to trim my beard is when the sun is shining, so I can sit outside with the scissors and a mirror. It’s so much easier to use the mirror sitting down in natural light. And the clean-up is also a breeze. In fact, if there is a breeze, the clean-up is null and void.

Not that it took all day. I also managed a bit of research.

By late afternoon, we were ready for our weekly linner date.

This week we decided to try the Peking Restaurant at Trollbäcken. We haven’t had Chinese food for yonks so figured it would make a change. It’s also incredibly close.

At first the place was empty but for us and the many staff. And the almost constant drip of takeaway customers arriving to collect their food.

By the time we left, the place was full of fellow diners, happily chirping away.

The restaurant is at the bottom of a block of flats and next to the library. I assume a lot of the customers come from above.

And, apart from the odd presentation, the food was very good. We had the Special Menu for 2 which included soup, duck, beef, chicken, veg and fried rice, finishing with a fried banana and ice cream. All very nice and all typically western versions of Chinese food.

There was, however, one difference.

Apart from the soup, the rice and the banana, it was all on one plate. Mirinda immediately wondered whether Nicktor was in the kitchen. I suggested not because the food wasn’t all splodged into a big nondescript pile, defying description. The food here was, at least, individually identifiable.

It was tasty enough, just very odd.

Beer Review

And I had a lager with my meal. Not just any lager, mind. It was a Norrlands Guld.

Brewed since 1965, Norrlands Guld is supposed to represent the totally cool and laid back attitude of the drinkers in Norrland. And, I have to say, for a lager, it’s full of taste while remaining refreshing and crisp. A perfect accompaniment to a mooshed up Chinese meal.

It makes me wonder why people drink lager that has no taste (Fosters, Carlsberg, etc) when there are perfectly delicious beers to choose. One of which is Norrlands Guld.

For seven decades we have been making beer. Always with the nature of Norrland as the main source of inspiration. It is for us associated with survival to preserve it, and all other nature for that matter. That is why we will always work to do just that. From the first drop of Norrlands that fell from the crane in 1965, to the very last.

From the Norrlands Guld website at:
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