Fish soup Thursday

The snow is quickly melting to be replaced by slush. It’s all looking very sad. The temperature continues to rise above zero, but the clouds remain without the pure whiteness of the snow to defeat the gloom. The forecast for tomorrow is not much better but, next week, things may return to the cold and white.

Not that I was outside very much today. I am rapidly coming to the end of the Epsom College memorial and, like all long projects, I’m starting the sprint to the finish line. It’s the biggest memorial I have researched on my own and has felt unending at times.

Today, I researched a chap who had numerous chances to avoid death but refused to back down. Having volunteered at the beginning of the war, he handily came down with bronchitis which was suspected of being TB, he was accidentally kicked out of the Army, he went to France only to have his horse fall on him and put him out of commission for six months. If the forces of Fate weren’t trying to save his life, I don’t know who was.

Following his recovery from the horse episode, he went to France for the final time, dying within months of arrival. He was 22. Silly, silly man.

Not so silly here though.

Yesterday we didn’t get to have fish soup at Norrby’s. A time vampire made it impossible to get there before closing. I sat at the dining table waiting for the call to end. But it didn’t. Eventually I gave up waiting. Mirinda was a bit irritated but, I assured her, we could go today instead.

And we did.

It made no difference being a Thursday. The soup was as delicious as usual.

We also filled up with petrol. Handily, our closest petrol station is next door to Norrby’s. It is an unattended petrol station where you feed the bowser your card, and it then feeds your car the fuel.

It hasn’t always been unattended. Originally (long before we arrived) it was an ordinary petrol station complete with shop and counter and attendant. Now it’s a ghost of its former self. With self service petrol.

Works for me.

By the way, at 9pm tonight it was the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

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