Eden can wait

OK, so we didn’t go to the Eden Project. We lay in bed last night debating whether to set the alarm or not. ‘Not’ won the day and we slept in. Maybe tomorrow.

Today the weather report is for a cool, breezy, overcast morning with rain starting around 11am, continuing until around 5pm. I told Mirinda this and she thought it was a bit too precise, even for the BBC. As I sit typing this at 10:50, the clouds are closing in and it looks like rain at any second. The rain arrived at 11:35. It stopped at about 5pm. We didn’t leave the apartment.

Except to go for dinner. Tonight we ventured out to Fowey to dine at Nathan Outlaw at the Marina Villa Hotel. But first we popped into the King of Prussia for a pint and Mirinda tried the pear cider which she now wants all the time. Then on to the restaurant.

It has one Michelin Star. It was fantastic. We couldn’t fault a thing. Mirinda thought it was one of the best meals she’d ever had. I thought the dessert WAS the best I’ve ever had. It was a sort of deconstructed strawberry trifle with the unlikely addition of black olives. Truly delicious. And I discovered a new dessert wine, which tasted like caramel. We were celebrating my 2:1…as if we need an excuse for a brilliant meal.

We’d parked at the Caffa Mill carpark so there was no big scary walk back to Sidney, just a lovely post-meal stroll around the narrow streets, glimpsing the water between the odd houses. The perfect end to a perfect meal.

I should explain the photo below. Having parked at the Caffa Mill car park before dinner, we decided to try the footpath that meanders along the top of the houses and emerges at St Fin Bar’s church. It was very interesting seeing Fowey from the rooftops. It was also very hard going. It was very steep and the stones quite slippery in places. Here’s Mirinda on our final downward stretch. Her face is easily readable – we were never going to walk that way again.

Walking the back streets of Fowey, Cornwall

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